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News and Events Emanuel Cafe Verona

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Floridita de Cuba at Emanuelcafè

Friday evening guest our friend Rolando - 1st barman of Floridita de Cuba

We are waiting for you from 21.00 to 23.00 for a drink at the "sabor de Cuba"!!

Here is the new Menu of the day:

Tagliatelle with artichokes
€ 12,00

Omelette and "Bruscandoli" (Local seasonal herbs)
€ 12,00

Grilled fish with vegetables
€ 18,00

Enjoy your meal!


Emanuel Cafè offers the Easter Menu, with the typical products of the season:

€ 14,00

€ 12,00

€ 19,00

A small curiosity: What are "bruscandoli"?
The bruscandoli or asparagine are the tops of wild hops easily available from March to May in uncultivated areas along rivers, in bushes and in the middle of hedges, from fertile and fresh flat areas and up to 1200 m altitude, even in alpine areas. These are hop plant shoots that are all effects unselvative, since the cultivation of this Cannabacea belonging to the order of the Urticals, to pick the shoots, is not commonly practiced while, especially in small areas of northern Italy mainly, is in use the cultivation of hops for brassic-li: the inflorescence is used to flavour and preserve the beers from oxidation. It is worth remembering that the cultivation of hops for this purpose was introduced in Italy in 1847 by Gaetano Pasqui da Forlì who promoted a brewery.
Well rooted in the Italian tradition, the bruscandoli are also mentioned by Ugo Foscolo in his masterpiece: "Le ultime lettere di Jacopo Ortis". In it it mentions the soup of bruscandoli, enjoyed by Venetian families in spring.


We inform our kind customers that the bar / restaurant / pizzeria Emanuel Cafè will be closed until February 15th.

24 MARZO 2017

Last event

Spring has come and the SPIZZICA VENERDÌ event, takes a break. We wait for you on March 24 for the final evening with a spring tasting menu:

  • Spring salad
  • Risotto with asparagus Verona
  • Omelette with Parisi eggs and "bruscansi"

All accompanied by Sauvignon and Durello vines.

Price: 28 €

See you there! We will talk together, waiting for the next autumn, with new dishes and quality wines.

24 FEBRUARY 2017


Verona happening

In the heart of the city, Emanuel Café invites you to the Verona Happening. You can taste the Monte Stravecchio di malga cheese, with the Veronese IGT “Campofiorin” red wine.

A magnificient Risotto all’amarone with l'Amarone Classico DOC “Costasera”.

And then... the Bocconcini di manzo all’amarone with polenta and Amore Classico DOC “Vaio Armaron” Serego Alighieri red wine.

We are waiting for you.

Price: 28.00 euro

10 FEBRUARY 2017

Tuscan happening

An evening with the typical tuscan taste, with GREAT WINES OF TUSCANY.
You can enjoy as an appetizer delicious "CROSTINI alla Toscana", accompanied by a red wine: Rosso Toscana IGT “LUCENTE” di Luce delle Vite.

Than, you cannot miss the unmissable "RIBOLLITA". To enhance the flavor, the famous soup will be accompanied by another red wine: Rosso Toscana IGT “GUIDALBERTO” di Tenuta San Guido.

Finally, a sumptuous dish, BRACIOLA di CINTA SENESE. The dish will be accompanied by the famous BRUNELLO DI MONTALCINO DOCG “Castelgiocondo”, well-known wine around the world.

Price: 28.00 euro

Serata Toscana

20 JANUARY 2017

Venetian happening

Come and
enjoy the best flavors of the Venetian lagoon accompanied by wines of BERLUCCHI.
You will appreciate the SCHIE (small shrimps typical of the Venice lagoon) with WHITE PEARL POLENTA, accompanied by Franciacorta Brut '61.
The delicious GNOCCHI WITH BROCCOLI AND SCAMPI, together with Franciacorta Rosé '61.
Finally, the typical Venetian BISCOTTERIA CREMA ZABAIONE and Franciacorta '61 Satèn.

Price 28,00 euro

Serata Veneziana

13 JANUARY 2017

Friulan happening

The specialties of this region will be matched to fine wines of Azienda Agricola Russolo. The Frico waffles with Jacot "Ronco Calaj"; risotto with Montasio e Tocai together the "Massarac" Merlot. And finally, the typical sweet: the Friulian "pinza" with the Moscato Rosa "Prato delle Rose".

Price 22,00 euro

23 DICEMBRE 2016

"Pizza & Birra" happening

An evening starring the beer “Birra Antoniana PONTE MOLINO 50cl” presidio SlowFood.
It will be accompanied by our PIZZA BIANCA TRIVALENTE: buffalo mozzarella, confit tomatoes and basil, arugula and parmesan cheese, capers, olives, peppers and anchovies from the Cantabrian.

Price 15,00 euro

23 DICEMBRE 2016 Serata Pizza & Birra

02 DICEMBRE 2016

"Durello Maltraversi" happening

It will be presented "Durello Biologico Maltraversi metodo lungo millesimato 2014", accompanied by crostini with smoked "salmerino" of Val Rendena and "Durello Maltraversi Metodo Classico 2011", accompanied by trout caviar and biancoperla polenta.

02 DICEMBRE 2016 Serata Durello Maltraversi

Gluten free & Vegan

Our dishes are prepared only with natural selected ingredients. A particular attention is also dedicated to those who have gluten intolerance and in our menu you can find a big choice for vegetarian and vegan… something special for every taste!


Slow Food is a global, grassroots organization, which promote the interest related to the food, as a carrier of pleasure, culture, tradition, identity and lifestyle, which goes beyond food; it respects territories and local traditions.


We offer you only the best natural selected ingredients from the surroundings territories, which changes every season: Asparagus of Verona, Peas of Colognola ai Colli, Chicory of Verona, Truffles of Lessinia, Celery of Verona, Pumpkins, Strawberries, Raspberries, Melons, Peaches, etc.
Thanks to this careful research and our respect towards to the territory, we are proud to show you the brand of “RISTORANTE TIPICO DI VERONA”.